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We want you to have a happy, safe holiday so please
take care.


One of the great joys about the railway carriage is that it is an unusual place situated in a beautiful location with the joys of a preserved railway line alongside. For your own safety, please do not stray  onto the railway, and please make sure that young children are supervised if they leave the immediate area of the carriage. It is VERY strongly advised NOT to crawl under the carriage as you will almost certainly bump something.  Also, always take care on the stairs up to the carriage.

We cannot be held responsible for the safety of anyone
not obeying these simple rules

There are, of course, trains. The West Somerset Railway operates a seasonal time table which means there is a wide spread of trains through the day with varying arrivals and departures depending on the day and time of year. Please look at the WSR published time-table for details during your stay. However, increased insulation in the bedrooms and sitting room considerably deadens the noise as well as keeping the rooms warm. Please note that, although VERY unlikely, it is possible that engineering trains might have to run at night in the event of an emergency.

It may sound silly to say this but a railway carriage is exactly that! Itís not a cottage with stone walls so please donít expect it to be like a house in the shape of a railway carriage. It is, of course, pretty small compared to a cottage, so there is inevitably no room for cupboards and wardrobes. There are a lot of other things to fit in, but we do of course supply plenty of clothes hangers. Insulation is bound to be less, but donít worry; thereís plenty of heating. Please note though, thereís not much point in leaving the heat on if you go out. It will heat up just as quickly if you turn it on your return.

As with all railway carriages the odd small leak can occur from time to time, it seems the windows are the most likely place. We always deal with these as soon as possible, so do please let us and the caretaker know. But donít worry! We have an extensive maintenance programme every winter as we very much want to keep the carriage in the best possible condition.

Regrettably we are no longer able to have dogs at the carriage.

If there is anything you are unhappy about do please let us know. We want you to have a lovely holiday at the carriage.